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our organisation chart

Resolving complaints can involve a wide range of approaches – from giving an on-the-spot opinion on what sounds fair through to delivering an official written report.

The approach we take depends on the circumstances of each individual case.

We'll always let you know what's happening and where you stand.

our board and executive team

resolving cases

  • our principal ombudsmen
    Richard Thompson and Garry Wilkinson lead our panel of ombudsmen and work with our senior team.
  • our chief operating officer
    Chris McDermott is responsible for how we're performing on all aspects of our work.
  • In addition to our panel of ombudsmen and our senior team, we also employ around 2,000 casework colleagues who work across all areas of our service – handling complaints about PPI, banking, insurance, pensions and investments. We usually appoint our casework colleagues on a permanent basis, unless there's an operational reason to do otherwise. We explain our approach to recruitment on our careers page.

helping run the service

  • finance and performance
    Led by Julia Cavanagh, our chief financial officer, working with our finance and performance team.
  • our stakeholder team
    Led by Annette Lovell, our director of engagement, and David Cresswell, our director of strategy – working with our stakeholder team.