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a service for everyone: an intro to the ombudsman

Set up by law to sort out complaints, we’re completely independent. We’ll give you the honest answer you need to move on.

The ombudsman is for everyone. That means meeting the needs – and talking the language – of whoever asks for our help.

And there’s no better mark of our commitment to equality and diversity than the people who work for us ...

I'll get things moving ...

I’m Steve – and I’m here to answer your call. I’ve been here for years and I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding job.

Thousands of people phone us every day – more than two million last year. People with questions. People with complaints or who just need a bit of advice.

I know it can be frustrating to feel like no-one’s taking you seriously. So I’ll talk through it with you and do my best to get things moving.

Steve, consumer helpline

I'll give you an answer ...

I’m Arshad. Once Steve’s got to grips with where things stand, I'll look into your case in more detail.

That means listening to both sides. But it’s not about how well someone expresses themselves. It’s about weighing up the individual facts – as well as seeing the bigger picture. 

It’s a great feeling to find an answer that works – that everyone agrees is fair. It just takes a clear head and a sense of perspective.

Arshad, adjudicator

my decision is final ...

I’m Juliana. If two sides really can’t see eye-to-eye, it comes to me.
I’ve got the power to make an official decision about how to move on from what’s happened. 

Juliana, ombudsman

I make sure people know what we're here for ...

I’m Jade. Not knowing who to turn to can make a bad problem worse – and that’s where I feel I can make a difference.  It’s my job to get out into the community and talk about how we can help.

Of course, most people won’t ever need us. But just knowing the ombudsman’s there – in case things go wrong – can give you that extra bit of confidence day-to-day. 

You can find out more about our work from this website, or why not follow us on Facebook or twitter.

Jade, outreach team