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our executive team

Our executive team is responsible for the leadership and management of the Financial Ombudsman Service – and is directly accountable to our board of non-executive directors.

image: Caroline Wayman

Caroline Wayman
chief ombudsman & chief executive

image: Julia Cavanagh

Julia Cavanagh
chief financial officer

image: David Cresswell

David Cresswell
director of insight and engagement

image: Chris McDermott

Chris McDermott
chief operating officer

image: Jacquie Wiggett

Jacquie Wiggett
director of human resources (HR) and organisational development

image: Garry Wilkinson

Garry Wilkinson
principal ombudsman and director of new services

principal ombudsman and director of service quality
(currently being recruited)

director of policy, knowledge and stakeholder relations
(currently being recruited)