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Each year we help more than two million people who contact us with a problem they need sorting out.

We weigh up all the evidence and make a fair decision – which can be life changing. Seeing both sides of the story is what we do. So if you have the kind of perspective we're looking for, we'd really like to hear from you.

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a rewarding career at the ombudsman service

senior administrator (IT)
12 month fixed term contract

salary up to £28,000 – £30,000 – London docklands

Our busy IT team works right across the organisation and outside to deliver improved systems and services to support our operations. As a senior administrator (IT), you’ll be a member of the project management office, helping to coordinate the IT work going on throughout the ombudsman. This includes building relationships with stakeholders and external suppliers and keeping everyone informed of the progress of delivery of our projects.

This isn’t a purely technical role, but you will be using our procurement system – Compleat. And your experience and understanding of project management systems and methodologies will be very useful in creating relationships with your customers and understanding their needs.

Using your excellent communication skills and ability to plan and stay organised, you’ll be supporting people across IT – sharing your knowledge of procurement developments and updates and keeping people in the know. And you’ll be comfortable preparing management information so our senior team can stay abreast of what’s happening in the organisation.

If we’ve sparked an interest and you’d like to find out more, why not take a look at the job profile.

And if you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle this role, apply now, attaching your CV.

The closing date for applications is 19 December 2014.

HR management information analyst
three year fixed term contract

salary up to £27,500 – £31,565 – London docklands

In this role, working closely with the lead HR management information analyst, you’ll support the development, production and analysis of management information (MI) for the HR team and senior leaders across the organisation.

We’ll be looking for you to be a whizz with micros, pivots, VBA and nested formulas – and you’ll have pride and passion for the work you do. You’ll be confident with challenging where necessary to get a full understanding of each brief and the needs of your stakeholders. You’ll have great time management and organisational skills, being comfortable prioritising your workload and working to deadlines. And you’ll be enthusiastic, keen to learn and develop.

Because our HR MI team is in its early stages, you’ll have the chance to influence the way we work – in your everyday conversations and on projects you can get involved in, such as data warehousing.

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at the job profile.

And if the role sounds interesting to you – apply now, sending us your CV and a letter telling us:

  • what attracts you to this job and the ombudsman service
  • why your skills and experience (both in and out of work) make you the right person for the job

The closing date for applications is 21 December 2014.

infrastructure developer
three year fixed term contract

salary up to £38,000 – £44,000 – London docklands

At the ombudsman we have nearly 4,000 end users of our IT systems and we rely on Symantec to support their experience. In this role, you’ll own our Symantec agenda, including BAU, administration and upgrades. We work with the latest version of Symantec and you’ll have the opportunity to operate from our stable platform with responsibility for its use across the organisation.

A good overall understanding of end user infrastructure is important in this role, as are your Symantec administration skills. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have a passion for making changes which will benefit the end user experience – being resilient and proactive as you drive through change.

If we’ve sparked an interest and you’d like to find out more, why not take a look at the job profile.

And if you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle this role, apply now, attaching your CV.

adjudicators (case handlers)
three year fixed term contract

salary £22,000 + excellent benefits (proportionate for part time) – London docklands

full time and part time roles available

Talking to people, listening to their concerns, and letting them know they’re being listened to. Then making a fair decision that settles their financial dispute, and helps them move on. Receiving thorough training and support to make sure you know how to do all this in a really helpful, reassuring – and rewarding – way.

Is this a role that could suit you? It’s the role of an adjudicator here at the ombudsman.

When a consumer has a complaint that they can’t settle with the business, they can come to us. Your job as an adjudicator is to examine the information we receive from both sides, work out what really happened – and make a fair decision that resolves it. So you’ll need to have the kind of perspective it takes to see both sides of a story. And you’ll need to give an excellent service to our customers, making decisions in an accurate, consistent and timely way. You’ll also be able to help our customers see a way through their situation – guiding them and giving them honest answers that help them move on.

In return, as well as the starting salary and standard benefits, you can choose the flexible benefits that best suit you and your life. You’ll also have the chance to play a key part in a respected organisation with a good reputation. One which has strong values and plays an important role in society – making a positive difference to many thousands of people every year.

We’ll need everyone – part time and full time adjudicators – to be here full time for up to 12 weeks to complete our initial training programme. After that, part time adjudicators will need to be here for at least 21 hours across three days each week.

We’ve put a lot of information in the job profile, so you’ll need to read that carefully.

Then, if you think you could make a difference in this role – apply now.

The closing date for applications is midnight, 31 December 2014.

consumer consultant

salary £22,000 – London docklands

When there’s a dispute between a consumer and a financial services business, our customers (both the business and the consumer) rely on us to give them an excellent service. So we need people who’d like to help put things right and sort out the dispute. In this role you’ll be listening to customers’ concerns and helping them understand what they can do next.

It’s a role for people who enjoy helping customers and pointing them in the right direction. With your excellent communication skills, you’ll be able to explain sometimes complex issues in a way that’s easy to understand.

If you think this role could be for you and you’d like to find out more, why not take a look at the job description.

And if you’d like to apply, you can do so here.

The closing date for applications is midnight, 31 December 2014.

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... as a free, independent service for consumers, we help people from all backgrounds – and all parts of the community – to settle complaints they might have with their financial service provider.

We want the people we employ – and our work culture – to reflect and value the diversity of our customers. We’re also fully committed to helping all our people fulfil their potential – with first-class training and outstanding opportunities for career development.

And we adapt to the needs of our people, customers and job applicants in many different ways. For example, to make sure we provide reasonable adjustments, we have a dedicated team to liaise with people who let us know they need extra support.

By doing the right thing by everyone we deal with, by being committed to fairness, and by respecting difference – we believe we can offer a service we can be proud of.

our chief ombudsman

who's qualified to settle complaints?

The technical, academic and professional qualifications of our adjudicators and ombudsmen are as varied as the work we cover – from mortgages to portfolio management.

The backgrounds of our people are similarly varied. We have accountants and lawyers working for us as well as former IFAs, insurance brokers, bankers and trading standards officers. We list the backgrounds of all our ombudsmen on our website.

But what makes a good adjudicator or ombudsman is more than just letters after their name. It's the ability to stand back to get a clear picture of what's really going on – to weigh up the arguments and arrive at decisions fairly and impartially.

This is also true for judges and magistrates – who similarly don’t need to list their qualifications to demonstrate their ability to do the job.

So there's no "standard" adjudicator or ombudsman qualification. When recruiting, we're looking for open-minded, cool-headed people – with experience that proves they've got solid judgement and the perspective to see all sides of the story.

our commitment to professional development

Knowledge is at the heart of what we do at the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is why we are committed to the professional development of our employees. As well as providing a wide range of on-the-job training and support, we offer employees the chance to take in-house and external training courses, and to study for relevant qualifications.

We also provide sponsorship for qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments and Chartered Institute of Insurance (CIOBS, CISI and CII) which employees can apply for.

the benefits we offer

As part of our overall remuneration package, we offer a "flexible benefits" plan. This entitles you to a number of core benefits including:

  • membership of our money-purchase pension scheme
  • 25 days holiday
  • life assurance
  • permanent health insurance
  • accidental death and injury cover and
  • private medical care.

You can create a tailor-made benefit package to suit your own particular circumstances, by choosing to boost or reduce any of these benefits – and/or to select additional ones (such as critical illness cover, dental cover and travel insurance). We also offer season ticket loans.

videos: our benefits

as part of our overall remuneration package, we offer a number of core benefits including:
a flexible benefits plan | medical insurance | pension scheme |
training and development
| childcare | dental | holiday package

looking for a different role?

if you don’t see the right role for you on this page, send us your CV and a letter telling us:

  • what attracts you to the ombudsman service
  • what sort of role you’d like to play here
  • why your skills and experience (both in and out of work) make you the right person for that role

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